• Fully home and hand made 

  • ethically and fair

  • bohemian clothing

  • first quality natural garments, hand selected

  • natural fiber only

  • specialised in ultra comfortably, yoga and leisure wear

  • colorful and peaceful

  • custom order welcome 

  • individually hand colored fabrics and clothes

  • Professional in batik and tie dye

  • 18 years experience of tailor work (with diploma) 




Please contact me for wholesale prices.

Wholesale starts at 10 pcs.

Please remember that all Dalto items are individually coloured, therefor I can not offer factory prices.

Have something made just for you

Do you have an idea in mind and you are looking for a textile artist / tailor to realise it for you?

I am happy to help creating your visions!

Tie Dye and sewing Workshops

Have you ever wondered how to colour textiles? Or how to sew leggings? Let me teach you in my Jungle home in Thailand or in my studio in Switzerland.

(Dates upon request)

(Don't be afraid of wild animals)


About Me .

I was trained from 2000-2005 in Switzerland (Zurich) in traditional dressmaking for ladies and fashiondesign.
Dalto started with a baby clothes collection in 2014 and is now growing into a Yoga specialized brand.

When I begun to get into Yoga myself I realized I've had problems finding sport clothes for my individual taste and size. So I started coloring my own leggings and shirts...my sportmates loved them so I decided to make a small collection....that's how everything started.

Dalto is still in it`s infancy but is growing constantly whilst taking care to ensure that I sell only high quality,hand crafted Yoga clothing fashioned for the individual spirit.


All clothes are individually colored and sewn.


9 Years ago in 2011 I started travelling, gave up my secure home in Switzerland to explore the world, to understand the purpose of life, to escape the golden cage... I used to   call Asia my home where I lived in a Zen bungalow in the Jungle of a small island with my 8 rescued street dogs and my two beloved cats.

In india I travel around each year trying to find artisans to start a cooperation with.

Due to the current situation I am forced to settle down in my old home Zurich again where I, until now only have limited supplies but I am trying hard to offer the full spectrum of my limited collections again.

In this difficult times we just need to take life slow and be happy with what we got.

I kindly ask for everyones patience when placing an order.

For my designs I get inspired by  nature, the asian spirit, its smell and culture but for now also by the Swiss alps, the clean rivers floating through the valley, the herbs growing on the hills and the bees collecting honey :)

Every piece created is unique, there will never be two of the exact same.



 Love & Light, Emilia

Sand and Stone

Bippe Leggings

Om Bodysuit Kakki

Industrial Dye Leotard

Stadelhofer Punk Leggings

Harlequin Leggings

Industrial dye Leggings

Abstract Cage Body suit black

Stadi Punk goes Paradeplatz

Abstract flame body suit black

Stadi Punk Bodysuit

Om Body Suit black

Industrial Dye leggings

Swiss Chocolate Leggings

Mustard Leggings

Yellow stands for learning, wisdom, laughter and happiness in Yogic texts.

Mustard Leggings 2

Ginger snake Leggings

Sun and Moon Leggings






Harlequin Set deep blue







Petrol Classics

Wrap me up


Terracotta Tie dye leggings

Rainy sky Leggings


WhatsApp: 0041/79 815 29 52


E-Mail: info@dalto.ch


LINE: daltoyoga



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